Greetings and welcome to Madness.

To start off we would like to get a little disclamer out of the way. If you are under the age of 18 and/or its illegal to view any adult oriented material please click the X at the top right of this page and continue on to something else. As this site though doesn't contain any hard core adult images it does have some information and topics that are geered specifically to those over the age of 18 ONLY. In accorence with the Title 18 US Code 1470,1591,2425,2427. and other laws is why we make this disclaimer now. We cannot be held responsible for your actions, nor are we acting in any way to send you the content of this site.

With that out of the way its time to tell you a little about Madness. We are a group of people closely nit in the fact that what we do here on this site is for the purpose of helping to educate the roleplaying public on certain aspects of various roleplay themes that we enjoy. There is a section of galleries of avatars that our Design Team and guest designers have made while either particpating in the roleplays or avatar auctions that we have and will hold. There are forums for what we call alternative lifestyles. Meaning places where you may talk about bdsm, D/s, and even gorean.

Now we all know that the gorean lifestyle is not trully a way to live within our socieity and that the concept of slavery is illegal; in which case don't get me wrong we are not promoting this as a way to live but as a way to possibly learn how to take what we enjoy in roleplay and apply it to our lives.

John Norman in the late 60s started a series of small novels that was based upon a fantacy planet called Counter Earth and its in these novels that we learn about what is now the basis of several various chatrooms over the internet. However its when the wrong implications of theory are taken into real life that things go wrong. Its our goal to give you a place to learn and talk about these things and then hopefully better both your real life choices in the alternate lifestyles plus possibly your roleplaying experience of it.

We have also included forums on the White Wolf gaming system for those that love the thrill of roleplaying vampire and other creatures of the night.

With that all said I would like to thank you for visiting and hopefully enjoying Madness Inc.


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